Nature's Ocean Aragonite Sand
Nature's Ocean Aragonite Sand

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Nature's Ocean Aragonite Sand

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Nature's Ocean Aragonite Sand

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10 lb Bag. 3 - 8 mm grain size. Natural aragonite sand for saltwater aquariums and reef systems. Straight from the ocean's floor.

  • 100% from the ocean floor, natural crushed coral gravel
  • Maintains superior pH and marine chemical balance
  • Provides maximum surface area for biological nitrification
  • Ideal for reef systems & helps maintain a healthy environment
  • Provides marine trace elements
  • Easy to use, pre-washed minimum rinsing required
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The natural beauty of the ocean is brought right to your aquarium or fish tank with 100% natural aragonite sand. Our Nature's Ocean Aragonite Sand is natural ocean floor collected and heat sterilized for home aquarium use. This beneficial sand is ideal for reef system tank bottoms, denitrifying anaerobic beds and acts as an extremely high surface area filter media. Because our Nature's Ocean Aragonite Sand is real ocean floor it reduces nitrates, helps maintain pH, increases carbonate hardnes and provides marine trace elelments for a healthy, balanced saltwater ecosystem. A natural aquaruim is a beautiful aquarium. The wonder and beauty of the ocean is what draws us to this fascinating, living hobby. Re-create that intricate, ethereal beauty by choosing all natural substrates and decor. Instead of detracting from your fauna, Nature's Ocean Aragonite Sand creates the perfect backdrop to show off your corals, live rocks, anemones, marine fish and sea creatures. Beneficial Characteristics of Premium Aragonite Sand:Reduces nitrates Maintains pH Increases carbonate hardness Provides marine trace elements Pre-washed, minimum rinsing required 100% from the ocean floor Heat sterilized Ideal for culturing live sand Play sand