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AquaClear 30 Filter Insert Foam

SKU: 165441
Brand: Hagen
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AquaClear 30 Filter Insert Foam

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Foam, 30 for 10-30 gallon tanks. Mechanical filtration traps particles and debris. Enhances biological filtration. Optimal pore size. Tailored fit prevents bypass. Safe for fresh and saltwater.

  • AquaClear Filter Inserts maximize the performance of your AquaClear Power Filter
  • Provide optimal chemical filtration with Activated Carbon inserts in a range of sizes for every AquaClear Power Filter
  • AquaClear Filter Insert Foam

Foam Filter InsertTraps particles and debris. Tailored fit prevents bypass. Enhances biological filtration. Safe for fresh and saltwater use.AquaClear Foam Filter Inserts perform mechanical filtration by trapping particles and debris as they pass through the insert. This unique foam, designed for use with AquaClear Power Filters, features optimal pore size for efficient mechanical and biological filtration.The AquaClear CycleGuard System Preserves Beneficial Bacteria for a Stress Free Environment Provides Optimal Mechanical, Chemical, and Biological Filtration CycleGuard ensures that there is never a depletion of beneficial bacteria. Other filtration systems require you to replace the entire insert. The AquaClear system is different. Only one of the three inserts is changed at a time. This ensures that significant amounts of beneficial bacteria always remain, resulting in a stress free environment. Activated Carbon and Ammonia Remover Inserts are sold separately.