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Tangs & Surgeonfish

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Tans and Surgeonfish For Sale

Tangs are also referred to as surgeonfish due to the sharp, scalpel-like spine at the base of their tail that is used as a defense against aggressors. These colorful, active fish need plenty of open swimming space as well as rocks or décor to hide in. Although they can be aggressive to other tangs and fish with similar body shape or color, they are generally peaceful with other fish that do not look like them.

FAQs About Tangs and Surgeonfish

A minimum sized tank of 50 gallons should be provided for any tang species, although many species may require 100 gallons or larger depending on their adult size. It is always best to go with the largest aquarium you can to provide as much swimming room as possible for all aquatic life.

Tangs are omnivores and will need a variety of commercial algae or algae sheets, blanched lettuce or spinach, marine flake or pelleted herbivore food, as well as bloodworms and brine shrimp.

Most tangs of the same species will not do well together unless provided with a very large habitat with plenty of swimming space where they can school as well as rock for hiding space and territories. Tangs should not be housed with other tangs that are similar in body shape or color, but are generally peaceful with other fish.