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Crabs - Saltwater

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Saltwater Crabs for Sale

Saltwater crabs can make a wonderful and entertaining addition to your marine aquarium! These small crustaceans are an important part of the "clean-up crew" and benefit your tank by scavenging for excessive food and debris as well as eating nuisance algae.

FAQs About Saltwater Crabs

Saltwater crabs are generally scavengers and will help clean up any excess food that falls to the bottom as well as detritus and algae growth. Frozen brine or mysis shrimp as well as algae strips can be offered to your little helper.

Saltwater crabs are generally considered great beginner invertebrates and an essential part of the "clean-up crew" for reef or community fish tanks. Although drip acclimation is recommended and copper-based medications must be avoided, these crabs are an excellent addition to the aquarium for a newer aquarist.