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Dog Septic Tanks & Waste Disposal

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Waste Disposal Systems for Dogs

No doubt your dog loves to play in the yard, but pet waste can cause major issues for your lawn. Keep your dog’s yard privileges and your grass alive with a dog septic tank that’s made to break down dog waste for ground absorption. These tanks use a digestive powder for dog waste that liquidizes solids in a way that does not harm lawns, pets or plants.

Frequently Asked Questions

While you can put dog waste in a regular septic tank, it may overwork your system and cause the need for more frequent pumping. Unless you’ve verified that your system can handle it, your septic tank is not ideal for dog waste disposal. Luckily, there are solutions designed specifically for your pet’s waste.

The best dog waste disposal options depend on your circumstances. Dog bags are great when you’re out on walks—but when you’re cleaning up after the dog at home, there are fewer hands-on solutions available. Dog poop scoopers and rakes are good tools for picking up around your property and yard. But where does it go from there? If you have a dog septic tank, you can dispose of any solid waste in the self-contained drum to be broken down.

As with any pet waste disposal system, some level of smell is unavoidable. However, dog septic tanks are designed as self-contained systems that break down solid wastes underground and release the resulting liquid into the subsoil and away from the surface of your yard. This can cut down considerably on smells that would otherwise end up in your trash can or on your lawn. For other messes and accidents, dog odor removal and cleaners can keep things fresh on indoor and outdoor furniture and carpets.

Like a home septic system, a dog septic tank treats solid waste, breaking it down into liquid and releasing that liquid in the soil, where microbes purify it. To install this pet waste disposal system, dig a hole in your yard, place the container in the ground and cover it with the lid. When needed, drop in dog waste, add water and tablets or digestive powder for dogs in the instructed amounts. Make sure to use a pet waste digester that is environmentally friendly. Look for formulas specially made with bacteria and protein enzymes meant to break down dog waste.