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Cat Window Perches & Wall Shelves

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Cat Window Perches & Wall Shelves

As a cat parent, you know your kitty loves sitting in window perches, wall shelves, and anywhere that gives them a height advantage. Our curious felines also love windows because they need visual stimulation to maintain their energy. For indoor cats, window perches can be the best way to help them feel like they’re part of the action. Whether they like to watch birds fly by, or take a sunny cat nap, these window perches and wall shelves might just be their favorite spot in the house.

FAQs About Cat Window Perches & Wall Shelves

Cats love natural sunlight and the stimulation of watching birds, swaying trees, and other activities happening outside. The window perch gives them a front row seat to all of this excitement.

That depends! If the shelf is for perching, it can just be as long as your cat. But if your kitty wants to nap on the shelf, it should be able to support them while fully stretched out in a snooze position. Check the shelf dimensions of each product if you’re unsure.

Cat window perches are a safer alternative than the outdoors for most cats.They get all the stimulation they require, while enjoying all the comforts of indoor cat life.