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Wild Bird Food

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Wild Bird Seed

Wild bird seed can attract a variety of birds to your yard for bird watching which can be a great stress reliever and enjoyable to anyone who enjoys observing nature. Wild bird food and feeders come in many varieties—some are crafted to attract specific species like songbirds, wild doves or hummingbirds. Providing a filled wild bird feeder can help bring local wildlife to your backyard.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wild Bird Seed

Hummingbirds require a very special liquid diet. Specialized nectars formulated for hummingbirds ensure they are getting the needed nutrition. The bright color of red nectar or a feeder with red glass will help attract hummingbirds.

Sunflower seeds are highly desired by many species of birds. Black oil sunflower seeds have a high concentration of oil and are a high-energy food source for active birds.