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Wide Dog Gates

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Wide Dog Gates

You love your dog, but there may be some parts of the home where you’d prefer your pet not to enter. Dog gates can be a simple and easy way to keep your canine out of restricted areas in the home. Extra-wide pet gates can be ideal for large openings between rooms.

FAQs About Wide Dog Gate and Fences 

Extra-wide dog gates can be useful to block wide room openings or to create pens for your dog. As of September 2021, Petco’s widest available dog gate spans up to 12-feet. This is wide enough to block extra-large room openings and door entrances to create customized barriers that work precisely for your home. And it is possible to find pet gates that can expands in both heights and lengthwise.

The type of dog gate you need depends on how you plan to use the gate. If you would like to block your dog from using the stairway and accessing a certain floor of your house, a smaller dog gate for stairs will be more than enough to keep your dog contained. If you want to block off a large, open kitchen from your dog, then you’ll need a wider dog gate with a door so you can enter and exit the kitchen. A freestanding pet gate is a good option if you need to block off different parts of your home at different times. You can move the gate easily and don’t need to attach it to the wall. Many freestanding pet gates can also be turned into pens, which is a great way to keep your pet contained without putting them into a crate.

Are you housebreaking your canine? A pet gate can keep them in a room with a puppy pad or keep them out in the yard without you having to close the door. Consider purchasing dog training treats to reward your best friend for good behavior. Dog poop bags and clean-up solutions will also ensure you are prepared during the housetraining process and beyond.

The height of pet gates varies by manufacturer, but many are between 2- and 3-feet in height. This height makes it impossible for most dogs to jump over the gate. Most won’t even try. Buying a pet gate with a door allows human family members to easily walk through the gate while keeping the dog out of no-go areas in the home.