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bird feeders, bird seed cups and a cage crock to ensure birds are fed and hydrated

Just as regular well-balanced meals and plenty of water play a vital role in your life, it also plays a vital role in your pet bird's life. Unlike their wild bird relatives that must hunt or forage for food and search for a source of water that is safe from predators, caged pet birds depend on you to provide them with bird feeders filled with bird seed blends, as well as a waterer or cage crock filled with clean water. This is why there is a large assortment of bird seed cups and other feeding containers available designed to either be mounted on to or simply sit on the floor of your bird's cage. In addition to the many gravity bird feeders available, are gravity waterers that efficiently dispense clean water to pet birds and other caged pets. From ceramic bird bowls to stainless steel bird seed cups and plastic cups equipped with mounting hardware and perches, find the food and water dishes that will work best for your pet birds today and ensure that they will always have access to food and water.