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Under Tank Heaters & Rocks

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Under Tank and Rock Heaters

Under tank heaters, heat rocks and cables are a unique way to raise the ambient temperature in your reptile's habitat. While adding extra or higher wattage bulbs may dry out a habitat too much, these fixtures will keep your pet warm without any additional light. Under tank heaters can be secured to the outside of your pet's habitat to prevent your pet from coming in direct contact with the heating element, thus reducing the risk of burns. These pads can raise the ambient temperature inside of the habitat 5-10 degrees.

FAQs About Under Tank and Rock Heaters

An under tank heater can help raise the ambient temperature 5- to 10- degrees with less risk of direct burns then a heat rock. These heaters can be beneficial when lamps are not reaching the appropriate temperature, or for species that need heat and dark.

A heat rock sits inside your reptile's habitat, and an under tank heater is attached to the outside of the habitat. Under tank heaters typically have substrate that acts as a buffer between it and your reptile. Heat rocks may provide more direct heat, however they should always be used with caution as some species of reptiles may bask too long and can incur burns due to prolonged contact with the heat rock.

Heat cables can be used in a variety of ways such as under the terrarium or by wrapping around branches inside the terrarium. These are useful for terrestrial reptiles that need more ambient heat.