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Whether you’re considering bringing home a turtle or tortoise as a new pet, or you’re looking to upgrade an existing habitat for your beloved reptile, you’ll find everything you need to keep your pet healthy and happy right here in our tortoise and turtle store.

FAQs About Tortoises and Turtles

A tank that holds at least 40 gallons should give your turtle room to swim or soak and an area of dry land for basking. You’ll also need a heat source as well as an ultraviolet light and commercial turtle food pellets for daily feeding to ensure a well-balanced diet. For more details, browse our what to buy your new pet turtle guide, as well as our aquatic turtle care sheet and terrestrial turtle care sheet.

Aquatic turtles need a roomy habitat that’s mostly water with a bit of space for basking -- typically a 40 gallon tank with a screened lid so your turtle can’t escape, equipped with a submersible heat source, filtration system, UVB lighting, basking areas and optional substrates. To ensure a balanced diet, feed your aquatic turtle pelleted turtle food daily and provide fresh, clean, chlorine-free water at all times. For a more detailed look at what supplies you’ll need for your aquatic turtle, be sure to check out our care sheet.

While turtles and tortoises have protective shells in common, here are some key differences between the two: Most turtles prefer an aquatic environment with room for swimming and basking. Tortoises are largely land-lovers and like space to dig and burrow. Also, though generally gentle, most turtles do not enjoy being handled. Tortoises tend to be a bit more social and can grow comfortable with gentle handling over time. Find out more fun facts about turtles and tortoises here.

To keep your turtle happy, look for toys and accessories that mimic their natural habitat. Terrestrial turtles like comfy substrate to burrow in, such as forest bedding, as well as places to hide. Aquatic turtles love to swim and bask, so set up a turtle dock or basking station near a shallow area for easy entry and exit.

Just like any pet, there’s no guarantee that two or more turtles will get along just because they live in the same space. If you want more than one turtle in your life, house adults separately to avoid conflicts. And never keep different turtle species together.