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hamster tubes | rat & guinea pig tunnels & tubes | Petco

Help enhance your pet's environment and provide mental and physical stimulation with some hamster and other small animal tubes and tunnels from Petco.

These small animal habitat accessories are a popular choice for many pet parents because they are easy to set up and rearrange, which offers your pocket pet dynamic and exciting ways to explore their environment. Even if you haven't assembled intricate rat tubes for your pet, simply shifting their placement will engage your critter companion as they navigate the new paths in their habitat. Hamster tubes, in particular, offer many elbows, accessories and connectors, allowing you to add square footage and keep them running through a twisting and turning habitat as you mix and match the pieces periodically. Some larger guinea pig and hamster tunnels are made of flexible materials and have cross ventilation, so you can easily lay their personal obstacle course around different surfaces of your home. This lets you furious funneler get the most enjoyment from their new toy, as it allows them to crawl, climb and even hide away when they need a break from all the big people walking around.

If your small animal pet loves to chew, you'll find plenty of rat and hamster tubes lined with cardboard and vegetable parchment for their nibbling pleasure. These hamster tubes are a healthy and safer alternative to your pet gnawing on a piece of plastic, and provide hours of amusement for you both. When they've had their fill of chewing, give them a crinkly hamster tunnel with extra hide and seek hole for added entertainment.

Funnel in some fantastic fun for your small animal with Petco's selection of hamster tubes and tunnels.