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electric dog collars: remote & wireless dog training e-collars

Slip into Petco for an electric dog collar that adds an extra spark to your pup’s look.

Remote dog training collars play numerous roles that can be vital to your pet’s safety and wellbeing. A wireless dog collar with attached lead can be used to carry pet ID tags, as canine fashion accessories, or as trusted learning tools. Even stylishly colorful e collars can be among the best dog training tools, since they are highly effective at helping pooches of all sizes learn to take direction from their pet parents. There are also electric dog collars that have been specifically designed for use with obedience and leash instruction.

If your pup is more vocal than others – especially whenever you have to leave them for an extended period of time – a “no bark” remote dog training collar may be just the answer. Electric dog collars work to stave off your pet’s excessive barking habits using only a combination of sound and the vibrations in their vocal chords. This way, you can be sure that their electric dog collar is only triggered by their woofs alone and no one else’s. Many models of wireless dog collars you’ll find at Petco come with special remote access, allowing you full control over how much stimulation they’ll receive when they voice their displeasure at the mail man.

Explore the different varieties of remote and electric dog training collars available and find the one that best suits your pet at Petco.