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Top Entry Litter Boxes

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Top Entry Litter Boxes 

What’s the benefit of a top entry litter box?  Top entry cat litter boxes are made to be more hygienic for your home by keeping your feline from kicking the litter around the box, and they can help cover odors and keep out other pets. They can be a great option if you’re looking for a dog-proof cat litter box that your curious pup can’t access easily. 

FAQs About Top Entry Litter Box Enclosures

If you’re a cat parent, you know cats are delightful yet fickle creatures, so like all varieties of kitty accessories, it really depends on your cat. However, most cats like their privacy while doing their business, so if it’s enclosed, they may find it a little more peaceful. They may also delight in sneaking into the litter box through the cat top, just like they do with their tunnels or an empty box.  

 Absolutely. Purchasing a top entry litter box for your pets at home can help reduce odor because there’s only a small opening for it to escape from. Just remember to keep cleaning it regularly—it may reduce odor on the outside, but your kitty still has to go in there to use it.

If you have an extra-large top entry litter box, probably not. A smaller one may work, but it really all depends on whether or not your kitten can get in and out comfortably. They’re still new to litter training at that age, so it may be best to get them a starter litter box that they can easily use, then graduate to a top entry box when they grow and can get in and out easier.