Cat Furniture & Scratcher Deals

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Cat Furniture and Scratcher Deals

Along with cat food, toys and a cute little collar with a bell for your kitty, you might also want to get cat furniture and scratchers to help them stay comfortable and engaged.

FAQs About Cat Furniture

There are many different strategies you can use to stop your cat from scratching the furniture. Try putting two-sided tape or a scat mat on the furniture or the ground where your cat stands to scratch. Look for scat mats in our pet technology deals. There is also cat scratch spray, which makes your cat think they have already “marked their territory” in that spot. Whichever option you choose, place a cat scratching post next to the furniture they like to scratch to give them an appropriate alternative.

Cat scratchers come in a variety of materials, including corrugated cardboard, cork, wood and rope. Many cats are attracted to cardboard cat scratchers because of their satisfying shred, while rope is popular thanks to its rough texture. Cork and wood cat scratchers are less common, but wood is a popular material for other cat furniture. Check out our cat clearance section for deals on all sorts of cat supplies.

Cats use scratchers for exercise, stretching and keeping their nails healthy. While cat scratchers don’t technically trim or sharpen their nails, it does remove the outer sheath to reveal new nails underneath. Cats also scratch to “mark” their territory as they would in the wild. Without a cat scratching post, they may end up performing this natural behavior on your furniture instead.