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Cat Collars

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Standard Cat Collars

Complement your feline’s fur with a fun and colorful collar. Some stylish collars feature studs, gems and charm embellishments. Collars with rhinestone adornments catch the light for an elegant look. Add some whimsy to your cat’s style with a pirate skull print or bow tie cat collar.

FAQs About Cat Collars

Having an ID tag on your cat's collar can make the difference between losing your cat forever and a happy reunion. Always make sure your cat has current information on their tags and be sure that your cat is acclimated to wearing a collar at all times.

Attach a bell to your cat's harness or collar to help scare away (and protect) songbirds or small mammals and to alert people that a cat is around.

Breakaway collars are designed to break or release under force in the event that your cat gets caught on a branch or another dangerous item.

Collars should be snug but never tight, and you should always be able to slip at least three fingers comfortably under your pet’s collar. The appropriate collar width for cats is 1/4 inch.

It depends on the icat. If your cat refuses to wear a collar (remember, breakaway collars are safest), it’s especially important to have them microchipped and make sure it’s up to date.