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Snake Humidity Control

Snakes are some of the most fascinating pets to welcome into your home. While their anatomy and behavior can be unique, so can their environmental needs when kept as pets. Heating, lighting and humidity control for snakes are some of the biggest priorities for pet parents and can vary greatly depending on the species and what part of the world the snake is found naturally.

FAQs About Snake Humidity Control

Keeping track of humidity levels with a hygrometer and using one of the humidifier options mentioned above are the best ways to provide humidity control for snakes.

The proper amount of humidity for your snake greatly depends on their species. Some hail from arid desert climates, while some originally lived in hot, wet jungles. With a little research or a visit to your exotic animal veterinarian, you can discover snake supplies that are appropriate for your individual pet.

Yes, too much humidity in your snake’s habitat can cause respiratory problems for your pet. If you check your humidity gauge and find that levels are too high for your snake’s species, ventilate their habitat to help release extra moisture.