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Small Animal Toys & Habitat Accessories

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Toys for Small Pets

Keep your small pets happy with toys and more from Petco. Though they’re small, guinea pigs, ferrets, rabbits, hamsters and chinchillas all need engaging and fun accessories in their habitats. The right toys will encourage them to exercise, play, chew and entertain themselves. Even two of the same kind of pet may prefer completely different toy styles, so you should be prepared to test out different options. These are a few of the different toys you can choose for your playful critters:

FAQs about Small Pet Toys

That depends on your pet’s personality! One rabbit may prefer one chew toy over another, and two gerbils may prefer different exercise wheels. Be prepared to try a few toys until you find one your pet loves.

That depends on your small animal. Rabbits, ferrets, mice, rats, hamsters, chinchillas—they all have different habitat essentials beyond fresh food and water. Be sure to read our care sheets for small animals or ask a Petco partner for help.

Be sure to select toys specifically made for your small animal. And never overcrowd their cage with too many toys.

Yes! Though some animals prefer exercise wheels over tunnels, and pick bark chew toys over blocks. It’s important to get to know your pet’s preferences.