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Small Animal Grooming & Bathing

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pet shampoo and spray for pet odor removal and dust bath powder for clean and comfortable small animals

While many people don't bathe their guinea pigs, rabbits and chinchillas as they would their dogs, it's important to note that many small animal pet companions require a regular grooming routine. Whether it is providing your pet chinchilla with a dust bath house or it is brushing your rabbit's on a regular basis, there are many things pet parents do to keep their small animal looking and feeling great. As ferrets have a distinct musk or odor that is stimulated by their fluctuating hormonal activity in addition to other factors, there is a line of products developed for pet odor removal that can be used to neutralize and reduce your pet ferret's musky odor. From the various types of deodorizing pet shampoo and conditioner available to the assortment of pet colognes and deodorizing sprays, you can finally get a handle on pet odor removal and keep it under control. Whether you have an inquisitive ferret, an excitable guinea pig or a treat-motivated rat, promote your pet's health and well-being by keeping his cage clean and utilizing the right brushes, pet shampoo and other supplies needed to address his unique grooming needs.