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Ferrets Treats

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Ferret Treats

Pet parents love to give ferret treats to their small animal pets, rewarding good behavior and helping to train them. At Petco, we have an excellent selection of ferret treats, including ferret chew sticks and healthy snacks for ferrets. And some of the ferret snacks and chews can even help keep their teeth clean.

FAQs About Ferret Treats

Ferrets often love ferret treats of all kinds, and it’s usually best to have a few options to spice things up. Consider stocking up on some ferret chew sticks to offer interchangeably with soft ferret treats and flavored treats.

Ferrets can have a varied diet, including chewy ferret food, healthy snacks for ferrets and more. It’s often best to have a consistent diet of ferret food designed specifically for their nutritional needs. And you can also supplement their daily diet with ferret treats to add some variety. These might include many of the options supplied on this page alongside homemade ferret snacks like cooked egg, bits of chicken, turkey or lamb. However, don’t ever feed your pet ferret grains, ice cream, chocolate or other substances that could harm their digestive systems.

Most ferrets have a very fast metabolism—meaning they can often digest food quickly. Feeding your pet the appropriate food and ferret treats about 6 to 8 times a day is ideal. Consult your veterinarian about the best food for your pet and determine their unique nutritional needs.

Ferrets will often love soft ferret treats. Additionally, there are many soft ferret food options available at Petco. Ferret foods should not include corn or grains because their bodies cannot process them. Soft, meaty protein sources are usually the main ingredients in soft ferret food. Chicken, turkey or cooked eggs can also be great ferret snacks to feed alongside a nutritious daily diet.