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Rat & Mouse Food

Shop Petco’s vast selection of rat and mouse food and treats to ensure your fuzzy family member has a balanced diet. Providing the right nutrition for your small pets is a key ingredient to a happy, healthy life. While your pet rodent may love to nibble on scraps, they actually need healthy and balanced rat and mouse food to thrive.

Rats are one of the few animals that enjoy eating for eating’s sake, so it is important to supply them with high-quality food options. The most common type of packaged rat food are lab–blocks. These dense cubes contain a complete nutritional diet for your furry friend. While seed mixes seem like a healthy alternative, your pet rat will only pick out what they like and may avoid the healthy items. Make sure to check the packaging to ensure the block is the best rat food for your pet.

Although mice and rats share a lot in common, mouse food is a bit different than rat food. Mouse food tends to be higher in fiber and lower in protein. Like rats, mouse food is generally sold in nutritionally complete lab-blocks. And similar to rats, you should avoid seed mixtures as a main staple, as these little fellows will also pick out the choicest bits and leave the pellets alone.

Whether you are shopping for your pet rat or pet mouse, make sure to shop Petco’s wide range of the best rat and mouse food for your furry friends.