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Rat and Mouse Food

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Rat and Mouse Food

If you’re a rodent parent, you know how intelligent, quirky, and surprisingly affectionate they can be. A great diet can help them live happy, long lives.

FAQs About Rat and Mouse Food

Rat food and mouse food are very similar. Both rats and mice are omnivorous creatures who often enjoy eating plants and animal protein. However, their favorite foods may differ. Rats are larger than mice, and they require more fiber and more calories in their diet. Rats will eat almost anything and, if given a chance, will often gravitate toward meats, fish or cheeses. Mice generally prefer grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds.

Like all pets, rodents need certain vitamins and minerals to grow and thrive. You want to make sure their pellets contain a good amount of protein—at least 16%— and fat—at least 4%. Mice and rats will overeat if you let them, so make sure you’re not putting too much in their cage.

When feeding your pets rat food or mouse food, look for high-quality pellets that meet their needs with adequate levels of carbohydrates and nutrients. Pellets should make up about 80% of their diet.

They should also have vegetables like broccoli, zucchini, carrots and beetroot and fruits like apples, bananas, melons and tomatoes in their regular diet. Protein from meats can be given in small amounts or from other sources like nuts, flax seeds or lentils. Brown rice, wholewheat pasta, oats and low-fat dairy products can sometimes be given as treats.

Your mouses’ favorite food may be fruits like apples or bananas, or veggies like broccoli or bok choy. A lot of mice enjoy seed mixes. Seed mixes and grain products like bread and biscuits should only be allowed occasionally as a treat. Some foods like rhubarb, walnuts, grapes and raisins are toxic for mice, so make sure you do your research before giving your mice certain treats. When it comes to feeding your mouse, mice can enjoy a varied diet of fruits and vegetables with their pellets.