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Hamster & Gerbil Food

Head over to Petco for a wide variety of hamster and gerbil food formulated to keep your little furball healthy and strong. With so many choices of hamster and gerbil food it can be challenging to decide which is the best for your pet is. Keeping your gerbil or hamster on a balanced diet is vital to their overall health.

Hamsters and gerbils are omnivores meaning they eat a mixed diet of vegetation and meat. Their food should contain a healthy mixture of both vegetables and meat-based protein without being heavy on fillers, such as corn. You’ll find most hamster and gerbil food is either in pellet form or sold as a loose mixture. You can be sure that your gerbil or hamster is getting a complete meal if you opt for pellets. If you decide on a loose mixture, make sure that your fuzzy pet isn’t just picking out certain parts and dismissing the rest.

While hamster and gerbil food is usually interchangeable, you’ll want to be certain that the packaging states that it is safe for both. Make sure to browse Petco’s wide selection of gerbil and hamster food to give your furry family member a healthy and balanced diet.