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Hamster and Gerbil Food

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Hamster and Gerbil Food 

Petco has a nutritious selection of food and treats for your hand-held pets. Our critter food has a wholesome blend of fruits and vegetables and a variety of natural ingredients to contribute to your pet’s balanced diet.  

FAQs About Hamster and Gerbil Food 

While both in the rodent family, hamsters and gerbils have different nutritional needs, so it’s best to give them food formulated just for them. Some brands do offer hamster-gerbil combo mixes that are designed to meet the needs of both.  

Gerbils can have a varied diet. Like humans, good gerbil foods should contain a variety of fat, protein and carbohydrates. Since gerbils' incisors continuously grow, giving them food or treats that they can gnaw on will help grind them down. If you have access to fruit trees, it’s a great idea to snip a small twig off and give it to your little friend to gnaw on. Gerbil pellets are a good way to help meet their nutritional needs. Petco carries a variety of great gerbil food that may be both nutritious and delicious for your pint-sized pet.  

While pellets are essential to have in your gerbil’s habitat all the time, other foods gerbils can eat are things like fresh fruit and veggies, unsalted peanuts or various seeds. Hay can be a great treat for their digestive system as well.  

There are a few foods that gerbils should never eat. Meats and citrus fruits are not okay to feed to gerbils. Additionally, grapes and rhubarb as poisonous to rodents. Consult your veterinarian for a complete list of foods that should be avoided for your specific pet. 

Like gerbils, fresh fruit and veggies can be a good snack for your little pet. Some other hamster-safe foods are seed mixes, cruciferous veggies, apples—skins off with no seeds— and berries. Like gerbils, hamsters should always have access to pellets to meet their nutritional requirements. Petco’s selection of your hamster’s favorite food includes things like dried fruit and veggies and freeze-dried mealworms.  

Raw potatoes, onions, garlic, rhubarb and citrus fruits are also things that hamsters should not consume. Hamsters also shouldn’t have almonds or raw beans. Human junk food and sugary foods should never be given to hamsters or gerbils.