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a small animal water bottle, pet bottles and lixit water bottles for keeping your pets hydrated

Explore hamster, rabbit, and other small animal water bottles available at Petco and find the right hydration solution for your pets. As H2O is vital to every living organism, it's no surprise that regular consumption of clean fluids is necessary to the overall health of your small animal. Using a small animal water bottle within your pet's cage, hutch or habitat ensures an abundant supply of H2O to your pet, while also providing them with a mess-free way to drink.

Hamster water bottles are equipped with ball point drinking tubes, which allows for them to drink easily and freely, opposed to lapping from a bowl. There are even hamster water bottles that are popular among pet parents for having a special leak-free seal design that keeps their cage dry and fresh. Rabbit water bottles can come in similar designs, though they are typically much larger than hamster water bottles.

To accommodate the needs of various small animals and their housing, there is a wide assortment of pet bottles available. Whether you find that an attachable hamster water bottle is the best choice, or a hutch with a built in rabbit water bottle is ideal, you're sure to find the small animal hydration technique you prefer at Petco.