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Hamster Cages and Containers for Small Animals of All Kinds

Shop Petco to find hamster, guinea pig, and other small animal cages built to allow your pets to remain engaged and entertained. When it comes to rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, and other small animals, pet parents strive to promote health and longevity. They should also keep in mind that no two creatures are alike and what works as a hamster cage may not work as an effective guinea pig cage and vice-versa. Though small, these animals require physical and mental stimulation like any other pet. When left in their hamster or guinea pig cages for too long can be more prone to the negative effects of boredom.

FAQs about Small Animal Cages & Habitats

You will need to fully clean your pet hamster’s cage once per week. Remove your hamster first and put them in a secure location, such as an exercise ball. Then remove all bedding and accessories to clean and disinfect their habitat. Rinse the surfaces, and wait for it to dry completely before adding fresh bedding.

Small animal cages should be made of plastic, glass or metal, with specific dimensions, a solid base, and escape-proof openings depending on the size of your animal. For this reason, it may be a better idea to purchase a habitat made specifically for your pet, rather than make one on your own.

Yes, ferrets require a large, multi-tiered cage with good ventilation, a secure door and a solid base. Browse ferret habitats right here at Petco.

A habitat with just one hamster should be at least a 19x19” square, and 6” high.

To clean gerbil cages, you should remove any wet spots in their bedding every day, and fully clean out their habitat once per week.