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Small Animal Habitat Kits

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    Small Pet Starter Kits: Guinea Pigs, Hamster, Chinchillas and More

    Our guinea pig, hamster and chinchilla starter kits provide a lot of value for pet parents. The starter kits provide basic necessary products that the animal requires when going to their forever home. Many of the kits also contain great savings with coupons and rebates to add on to your kit. Starter kits are a great way to get started, but they do not include everything that the pet needs to stay mentally and physically stimulated. Many pets can benefit from other enrichment items that are often not included—such as treats and toys.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Small Pet Starter Kits

    Starter kits contain the basic necessities that your small pet needs to get started at a value-added price point. Keep in mind that there are other items that can further enrich their lives.

    Starter kits are a great way to get the basics at a savings, but they do not always have all the needed accessories to keep your pet mentally and physically stimulated. In many instances, your pet can greatly benefit from enrichment items—like rotating multiple toys or having a variety of tasty treats.

    There are many features and benefits to take into account when selecting your starter kit—species of pet, whether you are looking to house one of multiple animals, the size of the habitat and what products are included. Always purchase the largest habitat possible for your new pet to help provide them the quality of life they deserve.