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Small Animal Cages & Habitats

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Small Animal Cages

Providing an appropriately sized small animal cage with the necessities can help your small companion live a happy and healthy life, in an enriching and secure environment. The habitat size will vary by species, but it is best to invest in the largest habitat possible for your pet that maintains proper bar spacing to help prevent escape. A large multi-tiered habitat may be ideal for species that actively climb and explore, whereas a single-story habitat with extra floor space will benefit those that spend more time on the ground.

Frequently Asked Questions About Small Animal Cages

A habitat with metal wire bars of the appropriate spacing and a solid base is ideal for most small animal companions. Habitats that are primarily made of plastic may be easily chewed through and glass aquariums do not provide proper ventilation. As many types of small animals are avid escape artists, all habitats should have a secure top and doors. A solid bottom should be provided to catch bedding and debris.

Although this may vary with species, an ideal habitat for all species should have secured food and water containers, a quiet place for your pet to hide or sleep, chews to help with your pet's dental needs, toys and accessories to help keep them exercised and entertained when they are not out socializing with you.

While a glass fish tank may be ok for a temporary holding space, they are not ideal as a permanent home for some species. Aquariums do not provide appropriate ventilation for small mammals and can trap humidity and heat, especially if too small.