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Small Animal Bedding

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Small Animal Bedding: Rabbit, Guinea Pig and Hamster Bedding

Small animal bedding absorbs waste and messes and provides a padded place for them to lay, rest or dig tunnels through. Spread 1- to 2-inches of bedding across the bottom of the habitat to help keep your pet's habitat clean and comfortable. Small animals—such as hamsters and mice—will also benefit from the addition of nesting material that they can snuggle up and get cozy in.

Frequently Asked Questions About Small Pet Bedding

High-quality paper bedding, crumbled paper bedding or hardwood shavings are available options. Cedar-based products are not recommended.

1- to 2-inches of bedding should be placed in the habitat to give your pet enough coverage to absorb droppings. If you have a hairless species, additional bedding must be provided to allow them to burrow in for additional warmth.

Although cedar is a pleasant, natural odor control, the oils in the wood can irritate your pet's skin, and the odor can lead to respiratory problems.

Clean and disinfect the habitat and its contents at least once a week (depending on species) with a non-toxic, pet habitat cleaner or 3% bleach solution. Rinse and allow to dry completely before placing your pet back into the habitat. Daily spot cleaning will help prevent odor and feces/urine buildup.