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Rabbit Hutches: Alternative Living Spaces for Your Pet

Give your small pet a home of their own with an indoor or outdoor rabbit hutch, available at Petco. Pet parents of multiple rabbits will appreciate the selection of hutches made to house 2 or more of their furry friends. Rabbit hutches come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. You’ll find both large rabbit hutches that are ideal for housing multiple pets, as well as smaller enclosures that are perfect for single pet living. Finding the right rabbit hutch for your cotton-tailed companion is easy with a bit of knowledge, starting with what separates them from a cage:

What’s the Difference Between a Hutch and a Cage?

First, you’ll need to decide whether your pet rabbit will live indoors or outside. While there are cages and hutches that can be placed in either environment, a cage is meant to house your small pet indoors, while hutches are made for outdoor living.

Most cages are made of plastic and wire, giving them plenty of cross-ventilation. These are ideal for small pets that live indoors, whether due to a colder climate or lack of outdoor space. Rabbit hutches, on the other hand, are primarily constructed of wood and metal wiring, which works to give your fluffy friend protection from the elements.

How Big Should a Rabbit Hutch Be?

Rabbits enjoy as much space as possible to eat, sleep, hide, and use the bathroom. With their active lifestyle you’ll also want to give them enough room to hop, run, and play. Keeping this in mind, a hutch that is tall enough for your pet to stand on their back legs without hunching and long enough to take 3-4 hops without bumping their nose is recommended.

Many outdoor rabbit hutches are made to hold multiple pets. A two-story rabbit hutch can house up to 2 fully grown rabbits and a sizeable litter for several months. Some living spaces feature enclosed areas with an open run great for exercise. Make sure to line the floor of their habitat with up to 1-2” of bedding and litter for them to walk on.

Whether you are a first-time pet owner or looking to expand your borough, check out Petco's rabbit hutches that cater to your carrot-eating comrades. Free shipping available on orders $35 or more!