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rabbit hutches: outdoor & indoor rabbit & bunny hutches

Hop into Petco for a wide selection of rabbit hutches and cages to give your floppy-eared friend some secure sleeping quarters. Unless you are going to give your rabbit the run of the house, it is best to invest in a bunny hutch or cage. Besides keeping their happy trails confined to one location, these habitats give your bucktoothed buddy a place to call their own. Rabbit hutches come in a variety of shapes and styles; where you decide to keep your cotton tailed companion will help you determine the type of cage that best suits them.

Rabbit cages are mostly made of wire, allowing for great cross-ventilation and places to hang hay feeders, their water bottle and chew toys. Since they are so exposed, rabbit cages are made for bunnies that spend the majority of their time indoors. These types of habitats are ideal for pet parents who can't have their little lop ears live outdoors due to colder climates or lack of space.

Rabbit hutches are usually made of a combination of wood and wire and provide your fuzzy friend some protection from the elements. While most bunny hutches are designed with outdoor living in mind, many are suitable for indoor use as they offer your pet the added security of being partially enclosed. Many rabbit hutches are split level, allowing your bunny a place to rest, as well as room for exercise. If you are going to keep your hutch outdoors, you'll want to ensure the wood and hardware have been treated to withstand constant exposure to the elements.

Whether you are a first-time pet owner or looking to expand your borough, check out Petco's rabbit hutches and cages that cater to your carrot-eating comrades.