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All About Ferret Beds

Sleep is a big part of your ferret’s day. Designing a proper place for your furry pal to snooze is a key to setting up their living space. Although they sleep a large part of the day, did you know that they aren’t technically nocturnal? Ferrets sleep anywhere from 18–20 hours per day—but this is typically in chunks, not all at once. Make sure they have a comfy ferret bed or nest to retreat to for all of their micro naps throughout the day and night.

Where do ferrets like to sleep?

Ferrets are natural burrowers, so they love sleeping in cozy, dark spaces. A fabric sleeping tube is a better option for one or more ferrets because it allows them to snuggle up in confined quarters. And they do love to snooze with a friend.

How about ferret hammocks?

Yep! Ferrets enjoy lounging and sleeping in hammocks as much as we love watching them do it! Specially designed for ferrets, these miniature versions of a classic backyard favorite are another sound sleeping option that attaches easily to your furry friend’s cage. Try hanging a ferret hammock on one of the levels in the cage to see if they like it. If your furry friend doesn’t seem interested, switch up the location.

Should I add more than one ferret bed?

If there’s room in the cage, why not? Because they sleep so much, giving a ferret a few bed options in different areas of their cage can help them feel even more comfortable. Plus, depending on the temperature (60-80 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal for ferrets), they may want either a cooler or warmer place to catch a few winks. Having more than one space gives your furry friend the flexibility to choose the bed that best suits their needs at any given time.

Do ferrets like privacy even when they’re awake?

While they can be very social and enjoy interaction and playtime with their pet parents, ferrets are excellent at hiding and sometimes enjoy their alone time, too. Providing them with a hideout lets them relax at their leisure. Whether it’s a plastic house or a plush enclosure, a hideout is a welcome addition to your small pet’s cage and—of course—it doubles as another place to sleep.

From tubes and towels to hammocks and hideouts, there are so many options your furry pal will love. Why not pick out a sleeping space (or two!) for your small pet? Browse Petco today and find a ferret bed that will make a cozy snoozing spot to retreat to throughout the day.