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Small Animal Litter Pans & Liners

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Using a Litter Pan, Corner Litter Box, Pet Bedding and Litter for Easy Maintenance

Whether you have a pair of excitable guinea pigs or a pair of mischievous ferrets, caring for small animals can be a rewarding experience. As cleanliness and hygiene is vital to your pet companion's overall health and well-being, it's important to keep up with the maintenance needs of your pet companion's cage or habitat. Using a soft and absorbent type of pet bedding or litter within your pet chinchilla, gerbil or mouse's cage will help to make pet waste easier to clean up, while it also helps to control pet waste odors. Furthermore, using a type of litter pan within your pet's cage or habitat will help to contain your pet's waste within one area, which also makes for easier cleaning and maintenance. As most small animals have a natural tendency to eliminate in one particular area, using a litter pan can often times train them to eliminate in an area that you have specified. To best accommodate your pet hamster, guinea pig or rabbit, there are different types of litter pans available, such as a corner litter box for saving space within the cage or habitat as well as even litter training kits, which come complete with a scoop and a corner litter box. Give your small animal the very best care today through a well-maintained cage or habitat using a safe and highly absorbent type of pet bedding and a pan or litter box.