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Small Animal Hideaways

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Small Animal Hideouts

Small animal hideaways provide your companion a sense of privacy, comfort and security as they sleep the afternoon away. They come in a variety of materials, sizes, colors and styles allowing you to pick the perfect hideaway for your pet. From soft and comfy to chewproof, see-through to edible—hideaways are a must have for every habitat.

FAQs About Small Animal Hideouts

That depends on the material they are made of. Small animal hideaways that are made of materials like plastic or ceramic can, and should be disinfected with a non-toxic, pet safe cleaner when you clean your small animal's habitat. Hideaways that are edible or porous can be wiped off if necessary, but are typically unable to be disinfected.

Regularly cleaning your small animal's hideaway as directed by the manufacturer can help extend the life of your furry friend's refuge. They should always be discarded and replaced if they appear broken, torn, excessively chewed or otherwise compromised.

Yes, small animals that are not provided an area where they feel safe and secure tend to be more stressed, which can compromise their health and lead to undesirable behaviors.