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Small Animal Feeding Supplies

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Small Animal Feeding and Watering Supplies

Petco has a great variety of feeding and watering tools for your tiniest critter friends. Our Rabbit Shop features a good selection of small animal hay feeders and a nutritious array of treats. Our Guinea Pig Shop has some charming small animal food bowls that may be the perfect size for your guineas. Our Hamster and Gerbil Shop has small animal water bottles designed to accommodate tiny mouths and tongues without making a mess. And don’t forget about our Chinchilla Shop, where we have some great options for chinchilla accessories.

FAQs About Small Animal Feeding and Watering Supplies

Yes. You may find small animal water bottles easier to keep clean since hamsters like to burrow in their bedding, and the bowl might get kicked around. It may be a good idea to give your hamster both a water bottle and a bowl, so they can choose their preference. And you’ll be reassured they will always have access to clean water from the bottle.

Water is the only liquid that’s recommended for your hamster once they’ve been weaned off their mother’s milk. However, you can give your hamster fresh fruit and veggies to enjoy juices from.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how often to dispense and how to prepare the formula. Pull the prepared formula into the syringe. Small animal feeding syringes are preferred over eye droppers, as eye droppers are more likely to risk making your rabbit aspirate the formula into their lungs. Slip on the soft rubber tip that comes with most feeding syringes. Depress the syringe slightly to make sure it is free of air bubbles, then gently put the rubber tip into your rabbit’s mouth.

Slow and steady is the key—if your bunny can suckle the formula out themselves, don’t manually depress the plunger. If you have to manually depress, go as slowly as you can. It’s always recommended to consult your veterinarian regarding feeding procedures for newborn pets or small animals who need assistance with food.

Small animal hay feeders can be a great solution for providing your guinea pig the hay they need, and the feeders may help keep their critter cage tidy. However, it’s important to observe your guinea pig and make sure the small animal feeder you selected works for your pet. Make sure the hay flows freely from the feeder, and your guinea pig has easy access to it. Also, make sure the feeder is a suitable size, and there’s no way they can climb in and get stuck or hurt themselves. Choose from our wide selection of small animal food dispensers to find the right solutions for your pet.