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Small Animal Chew Toys

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Chew Toys for Small Animals

Small animal chew toys can help keep your furry friend mentally stimulated, and serve a very important purpose in helping to keep your small animal's teeth from overgrowing. At Petco, there is a wide variety of chew toys to choose from—such as toys that can be hung in the habitat or that sit on the ground or even options that your pet can crawl on. The chew toys come in various materials such as wood, sisal, willow branches, mineral chews and more.

FAQs About Toys for Small Animals

Small animals such as chinchillas, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, mice and rats have open-rooted teeth, meaning that they continue to grow throughout their lives. If these animals are not provided items to chew on to wear down their teeth, they could suffer from malocclusion—a misalignment of the teeth—or worse, their teeth could grow into their gums making it difficult to eat or close their mouth.

Chew toys should be available at all times for your pet to munch on—some animals will chew on them more than others. You should also offer chew toys in a variety of materials and styles so you can find your furry friend's favorite. Toys should be replaced when severely chewed or appear to pose a danger.

Small animal toys that are made of materials like plastic or ceramic can and should be disinfected with a non-toxic, pet safe cleaner when you clean your small animal's habitat. Chew toys, which tend to be porous can be wiped off if necessary, but are unable to be disinfected.

Providing your furry companion an assortment of toys will ensure they can keep themselves entertained when not spending time with you. Don’t overcrowd their habitat, instead rotate toys to help make sure they don't become bored.