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from a cardboard pet tote to a pet tote, find a selection of small pet carriers online at

Whether it's a routine trip to the veterinarian or it's a road trip with you and your family, there are various reasons as to why small pet carriers are a necessity for pet parents. As it's becoming increasingly common for pet parents to take their small pets out for a walk in the park or a playpen session in the garden for some fresh air and sunshine, many choose to invest in a small pet carrier. Specially developed for use with of a variety of small animals, a small pet carrier makes traveling with your pet convenient, while also ensuring your pet's safety and comfort.

For those looking for a short-term small animal carrier for the occasional transportation of a small pet, cardboard carriers can provide safe, temporary shelter. Lightweight and collapsible, a cardboard small pet carrier is extremely portable and easy to assemble. While these often used during pet adoption events, they are not recommended for use as a long-term small animal carrier substitute or for traveling longer distances. Should you be bringing your pet on a longer journey, you may find that a cushioned fabric or hard plastic small animal carrier is a great fit. When traveling with a bunny, you may even find that a rabbit carrier and playpen combo allows you to safely transport your bunny's habitat to any location.

Whether you find yourself in need of a rabbit, guinea pig, or other small pet carrier, you'll find the options you need available at Petco.