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Small Animal Sleepers and Small Animal Hideouts from

Accessorize your small pet's home with fun and fascinating sleepers and hideouts of all shapes and sizes. has small animal sleepers and hideouts for every type of pet from burrowers and tunnelers to climbers and chewers.

Most small pets naturally burrow or make dens to sleep and relax, so small animal hideouts provide a place for them to do just that. Every small animal habitat should come with at least one type of sleeper or hideout (depending on the habits and needs of your pet) so your furry little friend always has a dedicated space to de-stress and rest.

Some varieties of small animal sleepers are designed to hang from your cage or enclosure like a hammock or hanging bed. Rats and ferrets especially enjoy these particular types of accessories. Soft, suspended hammocks give climbing pets a place to cuddle together and rest up high (relative to the rest of their cage). Many types of fleece hanging beds also let pets control their temperature so they don't get overheated.

Hanging small animal sleepers are ideal for small pet habitats. They make great use of vertical space and leave more room on the floor or platforms for toys, bowls, hideouts, and more.

Small animal hideouts that sit on the ground make great homes and nesting areas for burrow-dwelling animals like hamsters, guinea pigs, and mice. Some hideout structures are even designed to double as chew toys - ideal for gnaw-happy pets like gerbils.

The fun variety of small animal hideouts gives pet parents plenty of options to accessorize habitats and cages. Create themes or styles for your small pet's whole home with just a few well-chosen hideouts and sleeper accessories. Hideouts like tents, hutches, and igloos add character and personality while providing small pets with a cozy place to rest and relax.