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Aquarium Sealant & Epoxy

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Aquarium Sealant & Epoxy

Aquarium sealant and epoxies are great for building, improving and patching the home aquarium! Non-toxic, fish-safe silicone can be used to create a permanent seal where leaks or cracks may be. This sealant cures and bonds quickly and is safe for both fresh and saltwater aquariums. Epoxy sticks are an easy-to-use bonding agent for building and scaping your aquatic habitat. This can be used to create caves and ledges as well as secure corals onto rock to prevent them from being toppled.

Frequently Asked Questions About Aquarium Sealant & Epoxy

Using non-toxic epoxy for aquariums is safe to use with fish and invertebrates. These can be used for creating caves and cliffs or securing corals to rock.

Aquarium silicone cures within five minutes and fully bonds within 24 hours. It is permanently flexible and does not crack or shrink.