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Sea Stars

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Starfish for Sale

Starfish can be a unique addition to the well-established marine aquarium with appropriate water parameters. Although temperament, diet and compatibility will vary according to species, most are peaceful, although opportunistic carnivores and can usually be housed with most peaceful fish. Slow-moving or small fish and other invertebrates may risk falling prey to some species of starfish.

FAQs About Starfish

A starfish being reef safe will vary from species to species, but care should always be taken that live rock and any stationary invertebrates are secure and won't topple easily. Some species such as chocolate chip stars are more aggressive and should not be added into a reef tank while others such as blue linkia can be added with some caution.

Starfish are recommended for experienced aquarists due to their specialized needs and requirement of excellent water quality. Starfish are sensitive to water parameter changes and should be drip acclimated to allow for slow adjustment into a new aquarium.

Many starfish are carnivores and will feed primarily on commercial meaty frozen food, but some will eat algae.