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Snails - Saltwater

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Saltwater Snails for Sale

Saltwater snails are an excellent addition to the "clean-up crew" of a marine aquarium that doesn't have large predators that would view them as a meal. Many of these snails are excellent at algae control as well as eating detritus, and some also provide excellent aeration to the substrate as they dig and burrow. Marine snails are generally hardy but keeping stable water quality and parameters are still critical as they are with any marine invertebrates.

FAQs About Saltwater Snails

Most saltwater snails will feed off of algae and detritus from the aquarium, making them excellent for cleanup. Calcium supplements must be given and dry seaweed can be provided if there is insufficient algae in the aquarium.

Saltwater snails are generally considered peaceful and should not bother corals, anemones or other invertebrates. Care should be taken with large snails that corals and rockwork are secured so that they do not accidently get toppled by snails.