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Shrimp - Saltwater

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Saltwater Shrimp For Sale

Saltwater shrimp can be a beneficial species to add to your aquarium with the right tank-mates. These quick-moving critters are great at cleaning up uneaten food, and some may even be beneficial in removing parasites or necrotic tissue from fish. Most saltwater shrimp species are peaceful, but caution should be used when placing with small, slow moving fish as well as some species of anemones and soft corals.

FAQs About Saltwater Shrimp

Saltwater shrimp are generally peaceful and okay to keep in a reef tank or with non-aggressive fish. Small, slow moving fish may become a meal for the shrimp and larger, more aggressive fish may be a threat to the shrimp. Many of these shrimp are beneficial for eating left-over food missed by fish or even removing parasites from fish.

This will vary species by species. While many species can be added with caution, some may pick at some anemones and soft corals.