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Saltwater Invertebrates

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Saltwater Invertebrates for Sale

Marine invertebrates can be a unique addition to the saltwater aquarium depending on other tankmates and setup. Some inverts such as cleaner shrimp and snails are beneficial to your aquarium by cleaning up detritus or even helping fish heal from wounds or parasites. Other invertebrates such as anemones and feather dusters are simply interesting to watch as they interact with the habitat and other inhabitants. Care level will vary greatly and some invertebrates should only be kept by experienced aquarists as they are incredibly sensitive to incorrect water parameters and need a specialized setup in order to thrive. All invertebrates should only be added to a well-established aquarium and never exposed to copper-based medications.

FAQs About Saltwater Invertebrates

Marine invertebrates include both stationary and mobile animals that can be added to your saltwater aquarium. Anemones, crabs, shrimps, snails, sea stars and feather dusters are all examples of marine invertebrates.

This will vary greatly on the type of animal, as some such as feather dusters are filter feeders, herbivorous snails will eat algae, and others may need a diet of fish or other meat protein.

All invertebrates require stable water quality and parameters in order to thrive and absolutely no exposure to copper-based medications, however ease of keeping varies greatly with each species. While some invertebrates such as Margarita snails and some shrimp are more forgiving of hobbyist error and can do well with a beginner marine aquarist, others such as anemones are highly sensitive, need specialized care and should only be kept by experienced pet parents.