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Wrasse - Fish Only Tanks

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Wrasse for Fish Only Tanks

Wrasses are a large family containing over 500 colorful, energetic species. Most wrasses are small enough in size making them suitable for your home aquarium, although the Napoleon wrasse (Cheilinus undulatus) can achieve a size of just over 8 feet! Most wrasses inhabit the tropical and subtropical waters of the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Because some species have a ravenous appetite and taste for crustaceans and invertebrates there are a few wrasses better suited for a fish only aquarium.

FAQs About Wrasse for Fish Only Aquariums

With over 500 species of wrasse to choose from there are numerous ones that are suitable for a marine home aquarium such as a Coris or Dragon wrasse.

There are several species of wrasse that will feed on crustaceans and invertebrates like snails, shrimp, crabs and tube worms. It is important to research all aquatic life before adding them to your aquarium to ensure the safety of all of your inhabitants.

There is always some risk and this depends on the size of the aquarium, but can be achieved by avoiding two males of the same species and placing different species into the aquarium at the same time to prevent fighting.