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Pufferfish for Sale

Petco has pufferfish for sale that can make great pets. Saltwater pufferfish are a fascinating species with unique defense mechanisms. While not ideal for beginner fish pet parents, experienced aquarists will love their pufferfish pet and enjoy establishing a dynamic relationship. Pufferfish will remember their pet parents quickly and often ask for food in a manner similar to dogs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pufferfish

Large species of fish pair best with pufferfish pets. Tangs, eels, foxfish and squirrelfish can work well. Most saltwater pufferfish will get along with other members of the same genus or some bolder fish like triggers, groupers and wrasses.

However, slower-moving fish and community fish should not be tank mates as puffers will nip their fins or other body parts. They also do not work well with corals, clams, crabs, shrimp and snails—as these are part of their usual diet.

See our saltwater compatibility chart.

Almost all saltwater pufferfish contain a poisonous toxin, tetrodotoxin, making them foul-tasting and often lethal to fish. And to humans, this toxin is deadly—1,200 more times than cyanide—and there’s no known antidote. You should never touch or eat a saltwater pufferfish, as their toxin is released through their spikes.

You should keep most pufferfish in saltwater aquarium tanks. However, there are 40 types of pufferfish who live in brackish waters—salt and freshwater—and 29 that are freshwater natives.

Yes. Pufferfish can be aggressive and territorial, so they are not ideal community fish—especially in adulthood.

n the wild, pufferfish eat a variety of snails, crustaceans, shellfish and other fish. In a tank, these fish will eat almost anything, so it’s best to offer a healthy mix. They can eat blue crab, mussels, clams, shrimp, live snails and bloodworms. You can find carnivore-specific frozen preparations and saltwater fish food to feed your growing pufferfish pet.

Most aquarium saltwater pufferfish varieties can grow up to 8-inches in length. They should be given ample swimming space in a sufficiently large tank. Find the perfect pufferfish saltwater tank to help your new pet feel right at home.