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Filefish can bring a smile to any hobbyist's face. They have several characteristics similar to triggerfish and puffers. One similarity they have to triggerfish is the retractable dorsal spine they use to lock themselves into a crevice. The filefish obtained its name from their scales which have a rough texture and small spikes. Filefish are opportunistic feeders, feeding on a mixture of invertebrates from shrimp to clams and algae. Many have a taste for corals making them a risky addition to a reef aquarium. With over 100 different species of filefish, ranging from 1"-43", there are several suitable to choose from for your home marine aquarium.

FAQs About Filefish

A Filefish's diet will vary by species from invertebrates and algae, to ones that feed on corals. Many will do well on a diet of brine and mysis shrimp, squid, clams and algae.

Filefish can range in size from 1" to 43".

Most filefish are not reef safe but there are a couple species that may be added to a reef aquarium with caution.

There are over a 100 species of filefish.