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Saltwater Eels

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Saltwater Eels for Sale

Marine eels can make an interesting and unique pet in a well secured aquarium with the appropriate habitat mates. Despite having poor eyesight, their incredible sense of smell makes them voracious hunters so they should only be housed with fast-swimming larger fish to reduce the risk of tank mates becoming a meal.

Frequently Asked Questions About Saltwater Eels

Depending on species, an aquarium that is 50 gallons or larger is recommended. The tank must have a tight fitting lid and minimal openings to prevent escape.

Eels should only be housed with fast-swimming, larger fish to reduce the risk of being eaten. Some species are more aggressive than others, and even an eel that is well fed runs a risk of grabbing a tank mate if hungry.

A well-balanced marine eel diet consists of frozen silversides, krill, shrimp or other carnivorous frozen options as well as freeze-dried krill. Squid can be given occasionally as a special meal.