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Dottybacks belong to the Pseudochromidae family consisting of 120+ species. These spunky species, like the colorful Orchid Dottyback, can bring a lot of personality to the home aquarium. Dottybacks are a very hardy species, making them an ideal fish for the first time saltwater aquarist. Any aquarist looking to add a Dottyback should look at adding this species last, they are known to be semi-aggressive and will guard their territories with vigor. Many Dottybacks make a good addition to the reef aquarium. They are known to feed on small pests like bristle worms. Dottybacks are carnivores and should be fed a high quality diet of meaty foods such as brine and mysis shrimp and pellets.

FAQs About Dottybacks

Dottybacks are a carnivorous species. Their diet should consist of high quality meaty foods such as brine and mysis shrimp and pellets.

Orchid Dottybacks are a semi-aggressive species. They may chase smaller species and will defend its territory from intruders.

This can depend on the size of the clownfish. Dottybacks may chase around smaller fish. Some species of Dottybacks are more aggressive than others.