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Butterfly Fish

Butterflyfish can be a challenging but rewarding species for the experienced aquarist. These beautiful fish can obtain an adult size of anywhere from 3-9" depending on species, so a minimum of 50 gallons or larger is needed. Butterflyfish are shy and peaceful and will swim in pairs or schools in a large enough aquarium, however they may be aggressive with other butterflyfish. Despite being peaceful, these fish should be avoided in a reef tank as they do enjoy eating coral and may even nip at other invertebrates such as tubeworms and sea urchins as well.

Frequently Asked Questions About Saltwater Angelfish

As butterflyfish can be aggressive with other butterflyfish or similar-looking fish, more than one should not be kept together unless housed in an extremely large aquarium.

Although these fish are generally shy and peaceful, they do like to eat coral and may nip at other invertebrates, so they should not be kept in reef tanks.

The adult size of a butterflyfish can vary from 3-9 inches, so a minimum of 50 gallons is recommended, although larger may be needed depending on the species.