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In the wild, numerous species of Anthias can be seen in large, bright, colorful shoals. Anthias belong to the family of Serranidae and make up the subfamily Anthiinae. Anthias temperament will vary by species and tend to do best when kept with their own species, unless maintained in very large aquariums. Many Anthias can be difficult to moderately difficult to care for due to their feeding frequency and planktivorous diets. Most Anthias are a schooling species and will do best in small schools of one male and several females.

FAQs About Anthias

Anthias vary in sizes with the largest reaching close to 8", one of the largest being the Squareback Anthias (Pseudanthias pleurotaenia).

In the wild Anthias are planktivores. Once established in the aquarium, anthias will do best when fed several times a day a high quality diet of enriched frozen brine and mysis shrimp, pellet and flake foods.

This can vary by species, some are easier than others. Because of their feeding frequency, most of them only recommend it for experienced aquarists.